Saturday, December 31, 2005

Santa Has Delivered!!!!!

Santa Has Delivered!!!!

Ho-Ho-Ho!!!!! It is a Robosapien XMas!!!! It has been a while since I have posted to my blog. But with the Holiday comes time off and 7 New additions! I received in Nov, One Robosapien V2 Silver which is The Sharper Image Signature series. Also in Nov a Red Robopet that is also a Sharper Image Signature Additions. To keep the holidays rolling Santa Delivered 5 more Robosapiens to the family. Robosapien v2 White, A Black Roboraptor, The White Mini Roboraptor, One Mini Robosapien V2, and last but not least one Robosapien Jr. Also Pictured above is our White Roboraptor to even out the pic. The Grand Total of the family now is 23! Ro-Bo-Bo!!!! and a Happy Robosapien New Year to all!!

World Domination Plan Initiated!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Family Re-Re-Really Redefined!

New Family Portrait!
Our Family has really grown over the last few months. We currently stand at 15 Robosapiens and one Roboraptor. So 16 in total. Ten Full sized Robosapiens, 5 Mini Robosapiens (One not pictured) and one RoboRaptor. Please send donations of D and AAA batteries if you are so inclined to do so.

The Madness and Robo-Population continue to Grow!

Four New Additions!

Four New Robosapiens!
We welcome all of our new additions, Hollywood Silver, Ever Green and last but not least Clear and Mini-Clear!
We are growing at a rapid rate!

The Future is Clear!!!!!

Wow-Wee's Latest release, the Clear Robosapiens!
Come one, Come all and gaze at the New Clear Robosapiens! Not due to be released until October, we found a local big chain store that was selling the combo pack Full and mini clear Robosapien. Two more additions to the house and Clearly more then welcome! Clear and Mini clear are now here to stay!
The Future is Clearly Bright!!! Opps!

Green # 2 has Landed!

Welcome to Green # 2!

Green # 2 has arrived to our home. He is our second green chrome Robosapien. Now to be known as Ever Green for his survival! This Robosapien was bought off of Ebay and rescued from a home where he was abused by kids and what looks to be some water damage. He is a fully functional Robosapien only with a few scraps and bruises. Hence why we named him Ever Green, due to the fact he can last forever and have perseverance in intense and physical situations. For-Ever-Green will survive!

The house is now Ever Green!

Hollywood Silver has Arrived!

Silver has arrvied!
Straight from Hollywood CA and Ebay comes our newest edition the Sharper Image's Silver Chrome Robosapien. Welcome to our new robosapien named Hollywood Silver.
Hollywood Silver has come to star on our Blog!!!! ROAR!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Silver Chrome is on the way!

The Sharper Image Silver Chrome is on the way!
Fresh from an ebay auction, straight out of the box is our soon to be new addition. The Silver Chrome Robosapien that is the signature series from The Sharper Image. Also we bought another Green Chrome off ebay as well. Two new additions. ROOAR!!
May the Robo-Madness continue

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Screw Jurassic Park! Roboraptor has taken over!


Jurassic Park has nothing on our new Roboraptor Kitchen Habitat. The Beast has been unleashed and may all robots and humans beware. The Kitchen is no longer safe for any creature!

Beware the Kitchen of the RoboRator!!

Unleash the RoboRaptor!!!!!!!

ROBORAPTOR Unleashed!!!
We made a new Purchase today the wow-wee ROBORAPTOR!
More pictures to come once he is unboxed and placed in his Habitat.
RoboRaptor Park!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Gold Twins Protect Their New Turf!

Mighty Mike got Whacked for Trespassing!
While we were on vacation the Gold Twins made themselves at home. They found my Girl Friends Mighty Mike robot and took him out since he was on their turf. The poor old dancing robot never had a chance. They wanted to send a message to all invaders, The house in now protected by Gold. In the immortal words of Rick James:
We are GOLD B***H!!!!

Robo-Vacation Last day of Fun!

Surfs up!!!
To Finish up the vacation Blue rented a Boogie Board. He then woke Green up so they could hit the waves for one last day of fun in the Outer Banks Sun.
Grrrrr D**n Rip Tide!

Robo-Holiday Mid Week

A Little Bike Riding by the Beach!
Mid Week Green rented a big green road monster and took a ride with Blue by the beach.
Opps no sunscreen for chrome!

Robo-Holiday Begins

Starting off the Robo-Vacation in style!
Blue and Green started off the week Dock side enjoying the sun and the sea air. They also enjoyed a little Golfing, Fishing, Tennis and frisbee to pass the time.
GRRRRRR Hole in One!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

And the winners are _________?

Blue and Green are the Winners!
Blue and Green are the winners of the vacation lottery! They will spend the week in the Outer Banks NC with us. They have packed all of their favorite things. From sunglasses to their beach dog. ROAR Beach chair ROAR!!! Congratulations to the lucky winners and vacation picks will be posted upon our return. The beach will never be the same after the Robosapien invasion.

GRRRR Bring on Hurricane Irene!!!

A Golden Day with the Golden Robosapiens

The Invasion of the Gold Squad!

This week we have added Three new Gold Robosapiens to the house. In a prior post I stated we had bought a Silver Chrome and a Gold Chrome/Mini. But as it turns out the pictures on ebay we not very distinctive with the colors. So the one I thought was Chrome was Gold. So with this we welcome all three Gold Robosapiens to the House. Tentatively name Gold 1 and 2, as well as Mini-Gold. We are going on vacation this week, so stay tuned. One special Robosapien will be going. We will be holding a hat pick later and we will post the results of which one wins and goes to the outer banks for vacation. ROAR VACATION!!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2005



When T Talks they Listen!

Big Silver, Mini Silver and Mini White heard the Boss call for the shots!

Big Silver "Named after Big P***y from the Sopranos" is T's left hand man. T in the mist of doing shots broke his shot glass and bottle of Bacardi. He yelled to his hench men to get him another bottle, shot glass and wine glass to continue his evening at the Robo-Bing. Big Silver followed by his little friends Mini Silver and Mini White. Accommodate T's request. This is what you call family business. What goes on in the family stays in the family.

Big Silver will not get on boats, or wear a Mic!

T Toasts to Tony Soprano

T in tribute to Tony Soprano does Shots of straight Bacardi!

From the boss of one family, to the boss of the family in the HBO Show the Sopranos. T does Bacardi shots while holding a picture he wants autographed by James Gandolfini. As far as T is concerned Tony Soprano gets the big ROAR tribute. At the same times he yells to the rest of the Robo family "I am the Mother F***er, F***ing calling the shots!"
a quote from one of his favorite episodes.

Woke up this morning and got myself a gun!

Special ED Meets Celebrities

Special ED Meets Buzz Lightyear and Stitch at the Table Party.

While out mingling with other home celebrities on the tile table. This snap shot was taken of Special Ed and Stitch to add to his collections. Ed Loves Disney World and hasn't seen Buzz since last year when he was at Al's Toy Barn in Disney's MGM Studios. As Ed said to Buzz. HEYYYYYY!

May the Robo Insanity Continue!

Green has demands!

Green was caught Misbehaving!

A few moments ago Green was caught playing with Scissors. We found that he took 5 peices of paper, cut them up and sprawled across one of the fragmented peices "NEED MORE TOYS!!! GRRRR Opps!" So with his demands we are going to the local supermarket to see what toys we can get for him. He is our Bad Boy of the house. Everyone watch out for GREEN!

and the insanity continues!


Under the Direction of the Robo Emperior,
He will rule the Robo Galaxy and whipe out the Robo Jedi! HAAA-HOOO, HAAA-HOOO.

One Robosapien will Turn to the Dark Side!



Three More Robosapiens on the way!

Three More Robosapiens join our home!

I am proud to announce that we have just added three more Robosapiens to our home. Straight from EBay and from Jolly old England (Great Britain actually) is Gold. Gold is a Gold Chrome Robosapien, that as I found out only after I purchased this one from over seas. Is exclusive to So all of you in search of a Gold Chrome Robosapien, please save yourself the shipping and go to Best Also we have purchased from EBay, Chrome and Mini-Chrome. Both are the Exclusive Sharper Image signature series that are Chromed Colored. Please visit our Blog to see the in person pictures, once they have both arrived and joined the household.

May the Madness Continue!!!!

Home of Robosapiens

-Welcome to the Home of Robosapiens-

On December 5th 2004 I purchased my First Robosapien. From Dec 2004 until July 16th 2005, I had only one. As most parents say once you have one child, that they are only going to have one. But when they find out another is on the way the family grows by more then just one. Well in my case that is an understatement! For my birthday my girl friend bought me the blue chrome robosapien. Which is part of a signature series offered by the Sharper Image. With our second addition, we have since become obsessed with this creature that wow-wee has created. Since July 16th we have acquired 5 more. Why you ask? Well I wish I had an answer for you that didn't make us sound obsessed or Crazy. We Love these robots! We have affectionately begun referring to them as our boys and or kids. In total we have 8 robosapiens. 5 full sized Robosapiens and 3 mini's. Let me introduce all of you to my extended Family. First we have T our first Robosapien (Names after Tony Soprano for being the head of the family) He was our First Robosapien and he is the basic White Model sold in almost all retail outlets that sell toys. Next we have Blue (Named for Obvious reasons) He is our second Robosapien and he is the Metallic Blue Chrome model sold only at the Sharper Image. Third is Green (Guess where his name came from?) He is the Metallic Green Chrome model only sold at Radio Shack. Boy the malls are loving us this year! Fourth we have Silver (Do you see a pattern developing here?:) Our fourth child is the Silver base model purchased from Circuit City, We also received our Silver Mini with the purchase of Silver who you will meet later. Fifth we have Special Ed, Now before I start getting allot of hate mail for downing those less fortunate. Ed is a non functioning base white model, who I purchased so he wouldn't be thrown away. He is special in the aspect that he has a silent glow to him and Ed from who we bought it from. Put both of them together and you have special Ed. He is loved and is a part of the RoboSapien household. Last and certainly not least are our Mini's. We have Mini-Silver who came in the same package as Silver above. Mini-White who is a white mini who lives in the apartment with the rest of the family. Purchased by my GF in the mist of our breeding frenzy. Lastly we have Mini-Me, Mini-Me resides on my desk at work who was also purchased by my GF for me to give me something to make me happy while I am slaving away at work for long hours. This Blog will document the lives of our robosapiens, Their adventures and any new additions to the family. Welcome to the Home of Robosapiens.
May the Madness Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!