Sunday, July 31, 2005

Home of Robosapiens

-Welcome to the Home of Robosapiens-

On December 5th 2004 I purchased my First Robosapien. From Dec 2004 until July 16th 2005, I had only one. As most parents say once you have one child, that they are only going to have one. But when they find out another is on the way the family grows by more then just one. Well in my case that is an understatement! For my birthday my girl friend bought me the blue chrome robosapien. Which is part of a signature series offered by the Sharper Image. With our second addition, we have since become obsessed with this creature that wow-wee has created. Since July 16th we have acquired 5 more. Why you ask? Well I wish I had an answer for you that didn't make us sound obsessed or Crazy. We Love these robots! We have affectionately begun referring to them as our boys and or kids. In total we have 8 robosapiens. 5 full sized Robosapiens and 3 mini's. Let me introduce all of you to my extended Family. First we have T our first Robosapien (Names after Tony Soprano for being the head of the family) He was our First Robosapien and he is the basic White Model sold in almost all retail outlets that sell toys. Next we have Blue (Named for Obvious reasons) He is our second Robosapien and he is the Metallic Blue Chrome model sold only at the Sharper Image. Third is Green (Guess where his name came from?) He is the Metallic Green Chrome model only sold at Radio Shack. Boy the malls are loving us this year! Fourth we have Silver (Do you see a pattern developing here?:) Our fourth child is the Silver base model purchased from Circuit City, We also received our Silver Mini with the purchase of Silver who you will meet later. Fifth we have Special Ed, Now before I start getting allot of hate mail for downing those less fortunate. Ed is a non functioning base white model, who I purchased so he wouldn't be thrown away. He is special in the aspect that he has a silent glow to him and Ed from who we bought it from. Put both of them together and you have special Ed. He is loved and is a part of the RoboSapien household. Last and certainly not least are our Mini's. We have Mini-Silver who came in the same package as Silver above. Mini-White who is a white mini who lives in the apartment with the rest of the family. Purchased by my GF in the mist of our breeding frenzy. Lastly we have Mini-Me, Mini-Me resides on my desk at work who was also purchased by my GF for me to give me something to make me happy while I am slaving away at work for long hours. This Blog will document the lives of our robosapiens, Their adventures and any new additions to the family. Welcome to the Home of Robosapiens.
May the Madness Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger mussy224 said...

i love your robosapiens especialy your blue and green one they are awosome i have a white robosapien,a mini robosapien v2,and a mini roboraptor.I also have a robosapien Jr. on the way and a roboraptor to off of ebay.

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